Schedule for Spring 2007
MASTER IN TEACHING: Weaving the Web of Democracy
updated June 7th , 2007

Announcement for EVAL WEEK!

Please take the time to fill out this final survey for the MIT program and bring it to Maggie when you fill out your final certification work.




Seminar location
Scott Coleman Sem2 D2109
Anita Lenges Sem2 A3107
Chris Ramsey-Sharp Sem2 A3109
Sonja Wiedenhaupt Sem2 D3107


Important Dates

Details and Links

Student teaching dates March 26 th to June 8 th (you take your spring break with your school)  

Lesson plans: outlines

Each Friday PM:  outlines of your lesson plans for upcoming week due to faculty

An outline of your teaching plans for the upcoming week must be shared with your cooperating teacher and emailed to your faculty, with at least 2 ideas your cooperating teacher has asked to you consider for those lessons, by Friday (5PM). The outline should include at the least your learning objectives and relevant activities that address the objectives.

Lesson plans: complete

Each Monday AM: complete lesson plans due to faculty

A list of the required lesson plan components can be found page 13 of the Student Teaching Handbook, Section 1. Lesson plans must be shared at least two days before teaching with your cooperating teacher. The purpose of sharing the lesson plan is to give you enough time to incorporate their feedback, and to thoughtfully reflect on and revise the lesson plan.

Lesson plans: reflections


Reflections about each lesson taught are to be added to your lesson plan, to include some discussion about the degree to which you reached your student learning objectives and what it is you learned or will do differently based on your experience teaching this lesson. Keep copies of your lessons and reflections in your student teaching portfolio.


Each Monday 4-6pm

Meet in D1107, unless otherwise indicated by faculty.



For all seminars: be prepared to bring in materials (lesson plans, reflections, etc.) that may be requested by the faculty

Week 4 (April 16th) -- Sue Feldman will do a workshop on conflict resolution with us.

Preparing for faculty observations


For each of your scheduled observations (4-5 this quarter) have a copy of your seating chart and your lesson plan printed and placed where you would like your faculty observer to sit. Also, let the faculty know what, in particular, you would like him/her to observe and take note of during that particular lesson.

EALR Project

Before you start teaching your unit: (earlier if possible): State Pedagogy portions of EALR Project sent to faculty (Classroom Characteristics, Student Characteristics, Lesson Plans, Instructional Plan Rationale, State Assessment Record)

June 4th Completed EALR Project due

This project is described on page 14 of the Student Teaching Handbook, Section 1. This project includes completing the written preparation associated with the State Pedagogy Assessment Instrument, described in the Student Teaching Handbook, Section 2,  pages 20, 22,and 23 and 26-31 and requires that you complete, on your computer, a draft of the Assessment Record for the Instrument, which you can download at:

This project must be done during your full time student teaching. The written preparation for the project, including the Assessment Record, is due to your faculty before teaching the EALR project lesson that the faculty will observe. The full EALR Project is due Monday, June 4th.

Videotapes of your teaching

You might consider videotaping a couple lessons to reflect on for your own growth.


Student teaching portfolio
 June 8th : Portfolio due

This portfolio is due to your faculty by June 8th; it must include (a) your lesson plans, (b) reflections for each lesson taught (added to each lesson plan after it is taught), (c) a summative reflection on your strengths, key lessons learned and lingering questions that out of your student teaching, and (d) a reflection on your cultural encapsulation (i.e. a critical reflection on your cultural perspectives and how these perspectives have influenced your understanding of and actions toward individuals from groups different from your received culture ).

Evaluations June 11th to 14th : Self Evaluation and Evaluation of Faculty due

By Monday of Evaluation Week a draft of your self evaluation and your evaluation of faculty are due; you will be meeting individually with your faculty supervisor during Evaluation Week. You can get evaluation forms and complete the evaluations on-line at:



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