Megacities 2000 & 2015
Megacities: World's Largest Cities, usually >10 million People

Political Economy and Social Change: From Colonization to Globalization

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Washington Maps

Seattle Census 2000 Demographics Maps

Seattle Overview

Washington Precipitation

General Map Sites

Library of Congress Map Collection: 1500-2004

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

TerraServer (Satellite Photos and Aerial Photography)

USGS Landsat Project

Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change

The Geo-Images Project

Washington State Environmental Learning Centers

Thurston Geodata Center

Outline Maps (pdfs)

Specific Regions

Middle East Graphic 2003

Afghanistan 2003

Afghanistan Ethnolinguistic Groups

Iraq 2004

Al Basrah Region Oil Fields

Distribution of Ethnoreligious Groups and Major Tribes

Land Use

Israel 2001

Israel Economic Activity

Israel land Use

Separation Wall

Palestinian Territories (occupied by Israel)

West Bank (large map)

Gaza Strip

West Bank Checkpoints
Gaza Checkpoints

Checkpoints North of Jerusalem

Palestine Maps through History (High resolution Palestine & Jerusalem maps covering much of Palestine's modern history from Passia)

Mega Cities 2000

Mega Cities 2015

Population Trend and Rate of Urbanization

Mega Cities from includes interactive map and photos

Incarceration Atlas

US Military Bases Continental US (pdf)

US Military Deployment 1969-2004

US Military Bases around the world (pdf)

US Military Bases around the world II

Some Existing or Proposed Threats to Native Lands in Western North America

Cancer Pollution Map

Spanish Conquest of Mexico

US Invasion of Mexico

Chiapas and Zapatista Autonomous Zones