PSYCHOLOGY - General Principles 

June 27th through July 27th      2006


This course will focus on the foundations of modern psychology at an introductory level. We'll discuss the biological roots of behavior, perception, and memory.  We will examine personality theory from the perspective of some of the pioneers of 20th century psychology and consider the relative merits of each of these models in understanding the human psyche. Finally, we'll consider some of the fascinating overlap between questions asked by philosophers and psychologists about the relationship between brain, mind, psyche and soul.  Students may continue their study of introductory psychology during the second summer session via independent study.  The syllabus below is for 4 credits.  Faculty signature is not needed for enrollment.  There are no prerequisites for this class.  




Instructor:                       Don Middendorf         phone:   867-6618      e-mail:  


Meeting Days:               Tuesday and Thursday evenings:  5:30 to 9:30 p.m.    

June 27th through July 27th       


Meeting Place:                          Room D1107 in Seminar 2 building  (building D) 


Credits:                         4 credits           CRN 40151

The syllabus below is for 4 credits.  Additional credits possible for independent work during first or second session - contact instructor via e-mail or phone (see above) 


Text:                             Psychology Fourth Edition  by James S. Nairne       published by Thomson/Wadsworth 

ISBN 0495031623  about $65.00 on-line  (also available at TESC bookstore) 

Note this ISBN is for the looseleaf version which is least expensive.  Be sure to get the Fourth edition.





Reading from Psychology Fourth Edition 

by James S. Nairne         (read before class)


Total pages of reading

June 27 Tuesday

Class meets in Seminar 2 building room D1107 from 5:30 to 9:30. 

Don available immediately after every class.

Ch. 1: Introduction to Modern Psychology (& read preface)



23 pages

June 29


Ch. 2: Observing, Predicting, and Exploring Behavior

30 pages

July 4

No class


July 6


Ch. 3:  Biology in Psychology:  Brain, Hormones, Genes

36 pages

July 11


Quiz  #1 on lectures, Chapters 1, 2, & 3, and homework


Ch. 5:  Sensation and Perception



40 pages

July 13


Ch. 6:  Consciousness and Dreams   (& finish Chapter 5)

33 pages

July 18  Tuesday

Ch. 8:  Memory

34 pages

July 20


Ch. 12:  Personality Theory:  Freud, Jung, Humanists, Cognitive models

29 pages

July 25  Tuesday

Quiz  #2 on lectures, chapters 5, 6, 8, 12, and homework


Finish    Personality Theory

Start      Stress and Health

Study for quiz


July 27


Ch. 16: Stress and Health

Brain, Mind, Psyche, Soul

Bring snacks. for "snackluck" at class

Evaluations and conferences immediately after class

30 pages