General plan and check list for participants in the Peru Module

Dean of International Studies: Russ Fox, Lib 2214, phone: (360)867 6776; fax: (360)867 6794
2005-06 Reconciliation program faculty team: David Rutledge Coordinator; Yvonne Peterson, Raul Nakasone and Gary Peterson
International Program to Peru faculty sponsor: Raul Nakasone, Lab II 3269; Phone (360)867 6065

Link/Contact/pay by
Share your responses to the 4 questions (email or web x). This becomes your working curriculum.
Visit site "your emerging syllabus"
Week 5/
End of F04

Read US official information about Peru, last reports
US Consular Information about Peru
Week 5

Read, discuss, sign covenant.
Hand it in to Raul or to Group Volunteer.
To participate in discussion go to Web Crossing site and click on Peru Contract
Nov. 4th.

Frequently read US Travel Warnings
Current Travel Warnings
Week 5

Pay $150.00 a non-refundable deposit to the college account # TBA $150 to account # TBA Evergreen payroll office.


Complete, sign and hand in to Raul or to Group Volunteer the Voluntary Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement
Read at the end of this page:
Nov. 4th.

Learn the Student Conduct Code Click on link
Week 5

Buy air RT tickets Seatac-Lima about $700.00 (departure date: first week Winter 2005; returning dates: five weeks later) email itinerary to Raul or hand in a hard copy to Cezanne.
One of the agencies we might use is:
Buenavista Travel, phone: 206 768 1931-
Another is STA, please get more information also from the Study Abroad Academic Advising Office.
October is best.

Make 3 photocopies of your passport,
one for your own use, another to be sent to the US Embassy in Lima, and a copy to keep in the group's folder.

Hand in one copy to Raul in Peru. THE BEST and easy way to register in the US in Lima is online, the site is at:
Everyone will register  online before departure from US.

Peruvian currency is nuevo sol. Please change $50-100 to soles at the airport bank or ask our contact in Lima to help you with this.
Rate is an average of 3.30 soles to 1 USD.
Be careful with counterfit dollar or soles bills.
In Peru ALWAYS change money in authorized money exchange offices.

Arriving in Lima.
*Deposit for one way air ticket Lima-Chiclayo plus local transportation and stay overnight in Lima, total $120.00
Our contact will pick you up at the Lima airport, take you home and put you in your next plane to Chiclayo.
Phone number in Lima is:
to account # TBA  Evergreen payroll office.
At least 2 weeks before trip.

Let Raul know if
you need more time.

40 minute bus ride Chiclayo-Guadalupe
Raul will pick you up at the Chiclayo Airport and take you to Guadalupe.
Morning after arrival

**Deposit for local transportation $100.00
- Bus Chiclayo-Guadalupe; Guadalupe-Trujillo; rent vans to travel around Guadalupe/Cajamarca
TBA upon arrival.

All students will arrive in Guadalupe and from there;
- a group (5 students) will travel to Cajamarca, 5 hour bus ride
- second and third group will stay in Guadalupe and La Barranca (beach village 10 mi. west)
If more than 15 students, a 4th. group will stay in Trujillo.
Main Address:
Jiron Alianza 635
Guadalupe, Provincia Pacasmayo
La Libertad, Peru.

Main phone to call from the US, dial:
011-51-44-56-6134 in Guadalupe (contact: Sonia Ramirez)
Day after arrival.

*Deposit for 5 week room and board (3 meals a day, room for 1 or 2 with local families) $100/weekX5weeks=$500.00
Deposit to account # TBA Evergreen payroll office.

Jan 4th. will be the latest please let Raul know about changes.

Read the US Embassy Travel Advisory
Week 5

Personal health insurance and emergency plan.
Health travel advisory
There are hospitals and private clinics in Guadalupe, Cajamarca, Chiclayo and Trujillo.
Week 5

Buy books and materials: Broad and Alien is the World by Ciro Alegria, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.
TESC Bookstore
El Mundo es Ancho y Ajeno (buy in Peru)
Cien Anos de Soledad (compra en Peru)
Pedagogia del Oprimido (in Peru also)
During Fall quarter or
upon arrival in

Email: you can check your Evergreen email from anywhere in Peru, yahoo and hotmail accounts also work.
From first day.

Program administration and Spanish instruction.
- Spanish language instructors in each site for 2 hrs/dayX25 daysX3sites= 150 hours.
(Contact Dean for this).
Organizacion Juvenil III Milenio and others.
Jr. Indepependencia No. 125
Guadalupe, Pacasmayo
La Libertad, Peru
 Memorandum of Agreement
by Nov. 30th.

On site classes:
- Arts and crafts
- Andean Music and Dances
Approx.  20 hrs.)
Local Youth Organizations

Travel Authorities for faculty and students.
The final list of participants will be sent in November 15th.  Later than this date, applicants need to contact Raul via email.
Our program Office is working on these and will finish as soon as we have the students list.
Nov. 4th.
A preliminary list is in our web page.

Dates of Faculty: Raul Nakasone Travel
Departure date for field trip and research TBA
Return: open (end of Winter 2005)

Student Itineraries.
(Please include hard copies for the deans).
Email it to Raul. They will be in our web site.
As tickets get purchased.


 (*)These arrangements are offered to students who, for safety and health reasons, need assistance.  Students using these arrangements need to make their deposits to account # TBA Evergreen payroll office.