Wrestling with some of the following questions usually help students to start an emerging curriculum:

What brought you to Evergreen?

What brought you to this program?

Responding to the Four Questions to build the emerging curriculum.

Students are asked to answer four important educational questions:

  • What do I plan to do?
  • How do I plan to do it?
  • What do I plan to learn?
  • What difference will it make?
  • This  program is based in Freire's Pedagogy of  the Oppressed. We don't teach Freire's pedagogy, we learn it by building a student-centered environment, a learning community.

    To build a community around the concept of Reconciliation is the main common  task.
    - What is Reconcilition?
    - What is your idea of an ideal community?
    - How is this community?
    - How would you like this community to be?
    - What are you going to do to make it happen?
    Some questions we may discuss:
    How should we work here trying to practice a liberatory education?
    How do we build a learning community based on hospitality and trust.
    What is hospitality? What is trust?

    What is TESC educational philosophy?
    How do we apply TESC educational philosophy in our program?

    Who holds the power in the classroom?    
    Learning from our program web page: using the learning tools (Are you a Master student?) and other links from the front page.                        
    What role does authority play in a student-centered environment?