Science for Educators, Summer 2006

If you are interested in learning science this summer, this is the program for you! This program (4 credits) is aimed at students who are interested in pursuing a teaching career. However, anyone interested in learning science using hands-on labs is welcome to take this class during the first summer session.
You can take this class for 8 credits if you develop an independent project to earn the extra 4 credits.
We will explore 4 topics in science that are often covered in K-12 curricula, study them and use hands-on laboratory explorations to get a better understanding of the concepts. For each topic, there will be multiple labs, exploring the topic from various angles and at various depths. Students will be asked to select a topic of interest and design a hands-on lab following the example of the instructor. The topics covered this summer will include density, acid-base chemistry, and minerals.

Important Announcement:
To make up for the missed class on July 4th, we will meet on July 12th (Wednesday) from 9-12 in Lab II, 1241.

Also please complete the following student survey if you are considering taking this program.

Faculty: Dr. Dharshi Bopegedera

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