Fall Quarter 2005
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Program Description:
Temperate rainforests are a poorly understood and highly valued ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the world. They support a complex and interconnected web of life that encompasses a tremendous diversity of biota, both terrestrial and marine. We will learn about ways of understanding these ecosystems using a variety of contemporary approaches in ecology and natural history. Our focus will be on the ecology of the terrestrial and marine environments and organisms and their connections, with an emphasis on the Olympic Peninsula. Students will undertake an independent study project that includes the techniques of data collection, analysis, and communication. The program will go on two extended field trips and several local field trips.

Field trips:
We plan a 3-day field trip to Olympic Peninsula, with stops at the Hoh Rainforest, a tour of the Makah Tribal Museum in, and a tour of the Timber Museum in Forks. We will stay at the Olympic Natural Resource Center in Forks.

Program Fees for Overnight Fieldtrips: $150

Nalini Nadkarni 867-6621


Room 2259 Lab II



Why would college students grow their own moss?

Have you ever wondered what happens to driftwood when you are not at the beach?

Standing dead trees