Trade, Environment & Sustainable Development

Spring, 2006


  Hand-Outs Articles
Week 1

Review of Environmental Economics.pdf

Explaining Goodstein.pdf

Week 2

Topics in trade theory.pdf

Trade theory workshop.pdf

Week 3


Regulatory Standards in the WTO.pdf

Trade and the Environment from a Southern Perspective.pdf

What Should Trade Negotiators Negotiate About (Krugman).pdf

Week 4  

Bridging the Trade and Environment Divide.pdf

Copeland and Taylor (JEL).pdf

Rise and Fall of the EKC (Stern).pdf


Week 5  

Does WTO inhibit action against climate change.pdf

GMOs and WTO.pdf

Kyoto and Geneva (Frankel).pdf


Week 6  

Dirty Deals.pdf



Agriculture Subsidies Are Not the Problem

American Farmland Trust Agenda 2007

IATP on the WTO Agenda

International Trade: Pushing American Agriculture Towards a Greener Future

Supermarket Giants Crush Central American Farmers

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