Faculty: Gail Tremblay and Jorge Gilbert
Enrollment: 50 students
Class Standing: Sophomore or above.
Special Expenses: $3,000 for optional spring quarter trip to Chile. A non-refundable deposit of $150 must be paid by February 10, 2006 for those travelling to Chile.

Students will study multimedia and installation art from countries in the Americas, as well as the aesthetic, social, political and cultural contexts in which it is made. Two aspects will be considered in this analysis: popular and alternative expressions as forms of anti colonial resistance and oppression expressed through many artistic forms and the intensive use of multimedia, mainly video.

Readings in art history, history, socio-political and economic conditions in various communities and countries of the Americas will be required and students will seminar on those subjects as well as on films and art works we study. All students will be expected to work collaboratively with other students to design, create multimedia installation works during fall, and winter quarters, and to learn the skills needed to do such work. Students will also be required to develop an intellectual journal that reflects on program readings, write regular papers and do research on artists and their work on topics relevant to their own work. In addition, we will take daylong field trips to museums and art events relevant to the topics being studied. Finally, a group of students will be trained and certified in professional television production to produce a weekly bilingual show Panorama Latino Americano aired through TCTV (Channel 2) in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater.

During spring quarter, students will have the opportunity to travel to Chile to study art, politics and culture, in Latin America. Production of short video and multimedia projects about the different topics studied in this program will prepare students to participate in this unique Study Abroad Program: Chile 2006. Credit awarded in installation art, video production, Latin American studies, art history, political economy, communication and sociology.

Total: 12 or 16 credits fall and winter quarters. Twelve (12) credit option is available for students enrolled in 4 credits of Spanish study. 16 credits spring quarter.

Program is preparatory for careers and future studies in art, media production, Latin American Studies, international studies and art history. This program is also listed under Expressive Arts and Society, Politics, Behavior and Change.


Total credits: 32 (48 with optional Study Abroad Program in Chile in Spring quarter)

Program Schedule