Tropical Rainforests, Winter Quarter, 2006


John T. Longino
Lab I rm 3056, 867-6511,

David Phillips (Spanish Instructor)

Federico Chinchilla (Costa Rica field trip co-faculty)


First class meeting is Monday, 9 January 2006, 9am, Lab I, rm 3046.

Monday and Tuesday, 9am-4pm, Lab 1 rm 3046, statistics, lab, workshop.
Wednesday, 10am-1pm, Lecture Hall 2, lecture
Wednesday, 2pm-4pm, Lab 1 rm 3046, Spanish.
Thursday, 10am-12am, Lab 1 rm 3046, Spanish.

Mondays of week 2 and 7 are holidays and there will be no Monday or Tuesday class of week 6.

Tuesday of week 5 will be an all-day field trip to Woodland Park Zoo.

Friday of week 7 will be a final exam in the morning, 9am-noon, and the Rainforest Bazaar in the afternoon, 1-4pm. SEM II, B1107.


Each student accepted into the program must pay a total of $1460 into their student account at the cashiers office. By registering in the program, this amount will be automatically charged to your student account. Deadline for payment of fees is Friday, 13 January 2004. Those not paying fees on time will be dropped from the program.

$150 of this is an administration fee that Evergreen charges to all study abroad students. The rest goes to Costa Rica and covers all essential room, board, and transportation expenses in Costa Rica. It is an amount agreed upon in a contract between The Evergreen State College and The Monteverde Institute, a Costa Rican private non-profit organization that provides logistical support for our program. Plan on bringing additional funds for incidental expenses (personal supplies, gifts, snacks, etc.). Airfare is not included and you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from Costa Rica.


Our last scheduled on-campus class activity will be the Rainforest Bazaar (more on that later) on Friday afternoon, 24 Feb. All students should be in Costa Rica by Monday night, 27 Feb. Longino will fly to Costa Rica on that day and will announce his flight details for those wishing to book on the same flight. The program officially ends on the morning of Saturday, 18 March, so your departing flight can be any time from Saturday morning on. Evaluation conferences will be held at La Selva Biological Station at the end of the field trip, so there is no need to return to Olympia for evaluations.

You may wish to enroll in the Spring quarter program, Rainforest Research, which allows you to stay in Costa Rica and carry out an independent project. This will influence what return date you want for your airline ticket. Acceptance into Rainforest Research cannot be guaranteed until sometime in Winter quarter. It will depend on your performance in Tropical Rainforests and on whether the program attracts a sufficient number of students. Note for those not in Tropical Rainforests: the Tropical Rainforests program is not a prerequisite; if you are an advanced science student at Evergreen with a well-crafted research plan and strong recommendations from other faculty you can contact J. Longino about admittance.

This is a packing list that the Monteverde Institute recommends for field courses (click here). It is a good guide to what you will need for our field trip. One thing on the list that is hard to get and probably not essential is the mosquito net. We will be in tents at one of our field trip sites, but in the Monteverde Institute has tents and mosquito nets for students.


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8* Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Tropical Rainforests
4* Introductory Statistics for Field Biology
4 Introductory Spanish
* upper division science credit

John T. Longino, The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA 98505 USA.

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Last modified: 3 January 2006.