Oh golly, it's week six already

Oh dear.

On monday, we'll be tidying up loose ends from last week's critique session and perhaps have a little time for project discussion.

Otherwise, Steve and Shawn will each have some work for you to do.


STEVE's workshops this week.
This is the beginning of the end. The pattern I see so far in your interests suggest the need for a bookbinding group, a combined letterpress/printmaking group, and two writing groups. I'll work out the details on Monday.


One way or another, on TUESDAY, I'll try to meet with each group to discuss projects, interests, and schedules.

I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning, so unless I decide to cancel it, I'll be in a bit late, around 10:30. Yum.

This week should be the hard core kick off of your project work. Make sure you get your theme worksheet filled out and sit down with Shawn or Steven to go over it. Also, make sure you have the materials and tools in the studio to work with while you're here. You have plenty of reading and writing to do at home. Do your art work on campus.


Wednesday's seminar should be a little mellower than the last few. Let's plan on focussing on the upcoming paper, for some of you, and perhaps some summary for others. Anyone up for course concept pictionary?


Love peace and harmony. All very nice very nice very nice. But maybe in the next world.