Faculty: Sarah Williams, Ph.D., Office: Sem2, C2106; Mailbox: Sem2, A2117 (867-6561, williasa@evergreen.edu)

Guests: Evan Hirsch, M.D., Holistic Physician (480 0353, yogievanh@yahoo.com)

Stacy Scheel Hirsch, Health Consultant (970 1137, stacy@morevoicesinc.com)

Karl Schaffner, Transformational Breath Facilitator (357 4602, yantra1@msn.com)

Annie Barrett, M.A., Yoga Instructor (867 0495, annie_c_barrett@hotmail.com)

Ann Monaghan, Oncology Certified Nurse (493 5769, ann.monaghan@providence.org)

Schedule and Rooms: July 6, 6-10p, Sem2, D2109 ; July 7, 21, 9a-5p, TBD; plus optional training at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta July 22-27.

Prerequisites: Students must attend first class unless they receive prior approval from faculty.

Required Fees: Credit: $30 for guest lecturers and yoga equipment use.

Optional Special Expenses: Registration and travel expenses for optional training at Mount Royal College

Course Description: The rise of integrative, complementary and alternative approaches to health care points to fundamental shifts in our relationship to illness, our understanding of wellness and our embodiment of consciousness. We’ll explore these shifts, including their biological, cultural, and spiritual aspects, within the contexts of specific health care paradigms and practices (breath work, yoga asana, yoga nidra). Participants will be supported in identifying their own state of wellness, engaging in wellness practices during the research period between our weekend intensives, and assessing the effectiveness of these practices. The design of the course and the faculty-and-guest structure will accommodate professional development needs as well as students enrolled through Evergreen’s Summer School. For participants interested in further yoga nidra training for extra credit (with additional fees), a level-one training with Evergreen faculty and Dr. Richard Miller will be held at Mount Royal College, Calgary,AB, July 22-27 (www.mtroyal.ca/yoganidra). Classroom attendance earns two credits. Classroom attendance with completion of all assignments earns four credits. Students wishing to earn credits outside of classroom meetings may develop an individual study project in connection with course themes and activities including, but not limited to, the optional Yoga Nidra training.