Evaluation Procedures and Instructions

The following instructions apply to all students in the Crime & Punishment course. You must submit a self-evaluation and a course/faculty evaluation.

1.  YOUR SELF EVALUATION.  You must write a brief self-evaluation and submit it to your faculty member by Tuesday of Evaluation Week (the week following week 10). Since that is Labor Day week, you may want to plan to have your self-evaluation written and submitted by the end of the previous week. In your self-evaluation, you should make an honest assessment about how you believe you did in studying the materials (audio and written), writing your critical comments, writing your responses, suggesting seminar topics, and participating in seminar (as leader and discussant).  Particularly important will be your assessment of how well you enaged and grappled with the study materials and how willingly you sought to extend and deepen your thinking on the issues.

Because I do not require that your self evaluation become part of your transcript, the proceduress you must follow vary depending on whether or not you want your self-evaluation to be submitted as part of your transcript:

A.  THE REGISTRAR'S PROCEDURES FOR SELF EVALUTIONS THAT ARE TO BECOME PART OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT. If you do want your self-evaluation to become part of your transcript, you must submit your self evaluation on the official form. The evaluation procedures are now streamlined, and it is easy to access the official forms from off-campus computers without having to install special software on your computer. For student self-evaluation procedures, click here. Please note that students who want their self evaluations to be part of their transcripts must deliver or send them to the Office of Registration and Records. Faculty no longer do this. However, you still need to give me a copy. Don't forget to sign your self-evaluation. You may get the signed, hard copy of your self-evaluation to me by putting it under my office door (Sem 2 - E4104), placing it in my faculty mailbox (Sem 2 - A2117), or mailing it to me (Jose Gomez, TESC, Sem 2 - A2117, Olympia, WA 98505).

B. JOSE'S PROCEDURES FOR PROCEDURES FOR SELF EVALUATIONS THAT ARE NOT TO BECOME PART OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT. f you do not want your self-evaluation to become part of your transcript, it need not be on the official self-evaluation form, though I prefer it.  If you do not use the official form, please format your self evaluation as neatly and formally as possible.  At the very least, label your document as a Self Evaluation and also include your name, your ID number, the title of the course, and "Summer 200_". You must sign your evaluation. You may send your self-evaluation by e-mail (with an "electronic signature") or you may deliver or send a hard copy (with an actual signature).  If you send it by e-mail, you must send it as an attached document; do not merely paste your evaluation into the body of an e-mail message.  If you do, it will be returned to you.  To create an "electronic signature," you merely supply the following information at the end of your evaluation in lieu of your actual signature: the e-mail address you are using to transmit your evaluation, the date you are sending it, and the approximate time you are sending it. Please note that this "electronic signature" does not apply to self-evaluations submitted for the transcript (see paragraph above). If you prefer not to send your self-evaluation by e-mail, see the delivery options of your hard copy at the end of the paragraph above).

Please note that I will not write my evaluation of you until I have received your self-evaluation.

2.  YOUR EVALUATION OF COURSE/FACULTY.  You must provide a course/faculty evaluation.  You submit this evalution to the faculty member, not to the Office of Registration and Records. Because of the unique nature of these courses, there are certain things that I want to make sure you evaluate.  Therefore, I have developed a special form for this evaluation.  You may submit it electroncially (e-mail). To access it, click here.  If you prefer to submit the evaluation to the program secretary (Seminar 2 - A2117)), that is your prerogative.  She will hold it until I have submitted my evaluation of you.

3.  FACULTY EVALUATION OF YOU.  I will write a narrative evaluation of your performance, taking into account the same things mentioned above that you should evaluate yourself on: your study of the materials (audio and written), your critical comments and responses, your diligence in suggesting relevant seminar topics, and your participation in seminar (as leader and discussant).  Of course, I will be scrutinizing all of your academic activity through a lens that will help me to comment meaningfully on how well you enaged and grappled with the study materials and how willingly you sought to extend and deepen your thinking on the issues.  Since this course is for only eight credits, please note that I am not scheduling evaluation conferences.  However, if any of you wish to meet with me in person for any reason after you receive a draft of my evaluation of you, I will be most happy to do so.

Please let me know if any of this is not clear or if you have any questions at all.

--Jose Gomez (