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FALL 2006

I am looking forward to getting acquainted with each and every one of you, sharing this journey into the meaning and relevance of gardens to others and ourselves, and getting my hands dirty, once again, in the Longhouse Ethnobotanical Garden. I hope you are too!



Welcome to winter. We will enter the garden in its quiet. We will become the plants' voice and hands. Listen and look. Let your story and the story of the plants become one. But we won't be quiet for long! Be ready to burst when the osoberry blooms! (Do you know when it will come?)

I'm happy to be sharing winter's journey into spring with all of you.



Spring is here! It is calling us to act. What did winter dreams stir up in you? It's time to manifest those inspirations. Using our head and our hands, it's time create ourselves anew.





Program updates and news will be posted here.


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