From: Robin Hood <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 16:25:00 -0700
To: <>, <>
Subject: Contacted Glasser Institute with questions

Quality Community

here is the original message I sent and the attached flyer, and the response
I got:

Here is what I called them about and emailed them:

Hi, my name is Robin.  I just bought a rental property and have the desire
to have a choice theory environment in the house.  I created a flyer that I
have attached that succinctly describes my idea.  I am worried though, if it
is construed as advertising, people might consider me violating
discrimination laws (because I am being selective in wanting people who are
interested in using choice theory ideas).  Have you encountered this legal
problem in any venues you have sought to apply choice theory?  Do you think
I have to be concerned with violating anyones rights by screening people as
potential renters based partially on their interest in learning choice
theory?  Are there any other situations you have come accross that involved
this legal concern? Are there any articles in your newsletter, in which
people have written about 'new ways they have used choice theory', that
might shed some light on this issue?

I gather from the book that the creative process of thinking how to expand
happiness throughout our society is an important motivation behind Dr.
Glasser's work.  My hope is that you could see the importance of my ideas
and the potential for expanding them into rental situations, and how this
could be a stepping stone that could be the beginning of interesting my
community in being a Quality Community.  I hope that you can give this
matter some thought and that you could take the time to read my attached
flyer.  Thanks much, and thanks to Dr. Glasser for writing "Choice Theory".

Raul, I wanted you to know that I am trying to develop this idea and get
more feedback to help me.

Robin Hood

Dr. William Glasser's reply:

Dear Robin,

I thought your letter was one of the most interesting I've ever received.
You might want to consult a lawyer, but I don't think you can have any legal
problems with people who are thinking of renting a room in your property.
The kind of people who would object to what you stated in your flyer are not
the kind of people you would want in that environment.  I think if they
would consider suing you for a room in a place they disagree with, they
would not be happy in the place you are conceiving and would be wise to find
another place.  So consult a lawyer and really tell people from the
beginning that there are conditions to renting on your property and if they
cannot agree then you really wouldn't be interested in their application.
Personally, I don't think anyone will take you to court saying they've been
discriminated against, but I don't have a legal background.  It is a really
interesting concept, and one I've never heard of.  I see no reason not to do
it.  I will be interested in hearing from you after you've had a few


William Glasser, MD

The William Glasser Institute
22024 Lassen Street, Suite 118
Chatsworth, CA   91311
(818) 700-8000; (818) 700-0555 fax

This is an information flyer, it does not constitute an official advertisement

Non-ownership-based cooperative living arrangement

Quiet rooms are for rent in study home that is close to Evergreen & PSCC. This home is an opportunity for positive and motivated people with a sincere, quality lifestyle who desire to create positive change in the world. Quiet hours are before and after 10:00. This is not a political or religious group or living situation.

If you are a person with a strong desire to continue learning, to consistently accomplish goals, and to have an open, and expansive mind; if you are especially interested in lessening human and animal suffering; if you want to create and develop practical methods to accomplish this (e.g. educational development, writing, non-profit organizations, charity foundations), then we would like to read your informal personal history resume.  If we feel enthusiastic about you, we will want to talk to some of your personal references.

The home is located on the west side of Olympia. It is conveniently close to amenities. It is located in a totally quiet neighborhood (except the occasionally barking dogs) away from commercial and industrial areas and noise. The home is attractive, like new, and is located on a low-traffic street that ends with a cul-de-sac. Each rental room has a separate private entrance, and each room has a ceiling fan and new carpeting. We share a large kitchen & dining area and corresponding responsibilities. The yard is well maintained with two large, covered decks and classy lighting. Parking is convenient.

One of the sources of the ideas behind this living opportunity came from the book “Choice Theory, A New Psychology of Personal Freedom”. This book, written by William Glasser, M.D., postulates that discontinuing an “external control psychology” and implementing a new approach to professional and personal relationships based on “choice theory” allows long-term duration and lessens the primary cause of misery in life. It is a very rich, scholarly work and is based on many years of experience and success in various venues, including educational and clinical settings. The book also includes many scenarios and suggestions that can enhance a conflict- negotiation skill-set.

For those we share mutual interest with, an initial meeting can be during one of our occasional workdays. Also, to share in our learning process, you can participate in a current “Choice Theory” discussion group.

As countries and citizens become more aware of global relationships and responsibilities for the well-being and health of life and the environment, there is an increasing interest in creating common solutions and living arrangements that reflect these solutions. At the same time more people are becoming dissatisfied with isolated thinking and alienating architectural planning & development, including suburban sprawl. The increasing rate of the growth of cooperative living arrangements in America seems to confirm this desire for less distancing in our life styles and living arrangements.  Many new ideas and variations of how to put into action a cooperative living space are being developed and experienced.  It is possible that some important solutions for our society and planet can come out of this type of approach and living space.

Robin (Evergreen student) 250-5156
Marci 481-2391