W07 Week Five Reports

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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 16:59:13 -0800
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Subject: [heritage] RE: week 5 update

   I'll just share with you all what I've been doing for the past few
quarters. So I've been working construction for a "green" builder up here in
Seattle. I've been learning alot about conventional structures and the
permitting process, sustainable design and building products. As wells as
lots of hands on experience pouring concrete, framing walls, salvaging
architectural materials, tileing... I'm also in the process of applying for
a position with the Village Building Convergence down in Portland as a
Natural Building instructor/facillitator (My truest passion.)
   On top of that I've begun to dance again. I used to Lindy Hop and Balboa
and I've begun to get back into it.  This is a rather new development, but
If time permits and I continue I will have a little footage or something to
share with you at the end of the year.
                          Cheers and Godspeed,   bradford

From: "Brown, Barbara" <brobar11@evergreen.edu>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 18:23:01 -0800
To: "Nakasone, Raul" <NakasonR@evergreen.edu>
Subject: my new 4 questions. please respond with feedback.

Four Questions:

I have already answered the four questions. I am now rewriting them to better understand what I am trying to accomplish. Before now, it has taken me quite a few tried to figure out exactly what I wanted to study and learn. I am now ready to keep my mind focused on my goals.

        Because I am not sure what I want to do after I graduate from college, I have decided to study several different subjects that I am either interested in or that I feel I need to succeed. I have decided not to make a big project within what I am studying but instead to just focus all of my attention into learning as much in that subject as possible.

        During the first quarter I focused my attention onto Photography. Mainly guided toward child photography and portraiture photography among young children. Photography has always been something I have greatly been interested in and have always had a want for it to take a part in my career.

        Now that the second quarter has started I have been studying different math books.I have never taken more than the required, simple math courses in school. I went  to an alternative school growing up and  they only offered one basic math class. I feel as if I need more math skills to succeed in college. While studying math I am still learning and practicing photography.

Question one: What Do You Want To Learn?

        I think I answered most of this question above. I want to learn more math skills so that I can succeed in college. I think that math skills are important in many different classes that I am interested in and I would like to learn as much as possible in the short time that I have.

        I also want to learn how to become a great photographer. I want to be able to capture a child emotion into ever photograph that I take. I want to learn how to be great at developing my own photos. My focus is being able to photograph children, I want to know every technique there is so that I get the greatest results possible.

        I am going to be studying more by the time that this program is over. I have not decided yet on what subject will best help me and my career, but when I decide on something I will make it known.

Question Two: How Are You Going To Learn It?

        The main key in my learning to be a great photographer is by practice. Everyday I take at least five photographs that I am happy with. I have been taking pictures of family children and my friends' children. After I develop them, I make critiques for myself so that I can learn from my mistakes. I have been reading lots of different books. for instance, Taking Great Photos by Jim Miotke. and How To Photograph Your Family by Nick Kelsh and Photography by Tom Ang. These are only a few out of the long list of materials I have read. I have also had a friend of mine teach me how to use a dark room. This was I can develop all of my own photos.

        In my studying math I have just been ready lots of different math books,. I have decided to start by learning basic math and working my way up. I have been working on basic algebra right now. I know that  I cannot further my math skills without knowing math from the beginning.

Question three: What Do You Plan To Do With What You Have Learned?

        I plan on keeping the knowledge for the rest of my life. At this point in my life I don't know what I plan on spending my life doing. But I do know that If I don't end up using photography as my career, it will always be a hobby. I will always be able to give and show people excellence photographs. Photography will always be a part of my life and I hope to bring joy to other people when they receive a photograph from me. I hope to see my photos in books or magazines one day.

        With Math I plan on also keeping this knowledge for my whole life. Hopefully one day I will be able to pass some of my knowledge to my children as well. I want more than anything to succeed in graduating from college. I want to graduate with the most skills and knowledge as I possibly can. I honestly don't believe this is possible with out knowing basic math skills.

Question Four: What Difference Will It Make?

        I believe that everything that someone knows is passed onto someone else. I hope that all of the hard work that I am going through right now with be passed on to my children and other people that I am able to teach. I think my photographs will make a difference to many people. I will be given the opportunity to share my passion for photography with other families by photographing their loved ones. Photographs are memories that are saved forever in a physical way. This is something that almost everyone cherishes.

        Learning these math skills will make a difference for myself. It will boost my self esteem when entering new classes. I will be confident enough to join classes that require even the slightest math. By doing so I will brauden my learning selection.

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Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 21:10:37 -0800
To: Heritage <heritage@lists.evergreen.edu>
Subject: [heritage] Mid-Quarter Update

Hi all,

Life has been far from boring. 

My contract was originally oriented around a Naturalist home study program.  Due to weather, availability and other occurances my contract changed around week 7, last quarter, to drawing, and salsa dancing.


The drawing continues...Salsa has been put on hold for an evening writing class (Writing From Life)....and new studies include nutrition and passive investment strategies (Modern Portfolio Theory)

It seems like every few weeks a shift occurs and I'm drawn to study one of a variety of topics, whose books or others materials I've collected but not yet read.

The overall result: growing awareness of my natural rhythm, personal boundaries (What happens when I stay up past 10pm), and what is needed for me to sustain a healthy/balanced life. 

So...wishing ya'll the best.  Hope to see EVERYONE @ Tuesday's potluck

...and thanks again to those three "students" who wouldn't dare think of themselves as teachers:)


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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 20:47:18 -0800
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Subject: How to have a wonderful day.

Life's lessons come in many guises, some are readily apparent and some aren't available until we do the work that releases them to our consciousness. A friend sent me this and I love it so much; I wanted you to see it. You'll notice that you don't have to send it on to anyone else, there's no type of luck involved and it comes with no addresses showing. Enjoy.
Cultivate a Peaceful Heart

You each have two heart energies, a spiritual heart and your emotional heart. The emotional heart is the one that can be wounded by others.
It is the one that sheds tears over unmet expectations, broken relationships and experiences hurt feelings. The emotional heart is controlled by the ego and creates attachments to what others say or do and your own self-worth. It can be destroyed, belittled and even broken through your life experiences. Your emotional heart can compel you to do and say things out of fear or anger, reacting to others in ways that you may not have believed yourself to be capable of.Your spiritual heart is your connection to Source and is overshadowed by the ego when your emotional heart is in charge. When you respond to others through your spiritual heart you do so with unconditional love because that is the language of Spirit. When you experience life through your spiritual heart you cannot be wounded or hurt by others because there is no ego connection. And when you love through your spiritual heart you experience fulfilling, joyful relationships whose only energy is unconditional love. Since everything that you attract is a mirror of your own energy, when your spiritual heart is sending out unconditional love that is what you will receive in return.When the emotional and spiritual heart energies are in balance, the result is a peaceful heart where your emotional heart supplies the emotional energy that you exchange with others and your spiritual heart supplies those relationships with unconditional love. The contribution of the ego is less powerful and the result is wonderful relationships in all areas of your life with people who respect and honor you. You no longer have to experience relationships that question your self- worth, those that wound you, unless you choose to do so.When you have a peaceful heart you cannot be heartbroken, sad or despondent over what others say or do. A heart that is at peace is one that is filled with unconditional love for yourself and for everyone. It can still experience emotions but without the attachments that can disrupt your peace and joy. When your heart is at peace you do not have to experience relationships that make you question your value or self-worth. When you cultivate a peaceful heart you attract relationships that reflect the energy of unconditional joy that you feel for yourself and you share that with others. Cultivating a peaceful heart is something you can do when you are ready to experience relationships on a different level, free from drama and whose only energy is unconditional love. When you are ready to do so, allow Spirit to guide you to bring balance between your emotional and spiritual heart energies and all of your relationships will vibrate with the energy of unconditional love.