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End of term business
  • Please come to the student presentations this Wednesday and Thurday. The students doing the presentations have put in a lot of work over the quarter and the presentations will be interesting. I will also be giving a presentation on a topic connecting PDE's to string theory on Thursday
  • Please bring your Portfolio on Thursday. Your portfolio should include, in separte sections, past tests, homework, worksheets and a completed Self-Evaluation Worksheet.
  • Sign up for an evaluation conference. Bring your self-evaluation and a faculty evaluation with you to the conference. These should be completed on the official form, which you can do online at My Evals.
    The PDE and Non-Linear Dynamics Tests are posted in the worksheets and tests section. I have also posted the Variational Calculus Final Test in case people want to look that over again.
    I hope you are enjoying your break. I have posted the week one winter schedule . Please note that for this week only we will have a Nonlinear Dynamics lecture on Tuesday afternoon when we normally have vector calculus (note the room change also). If you want a little look ahead for the quarter there is winter quarter outline in the handouts section.
    I've posted review topics for Multivariable Calculus, with suggested review questions. There is no need to do all these questions, but make sure you know how to do one of each type.
    I've posted a more detailed description of the review topics for Linear Algebra and Differential Equations . I will post information about Multivariable Calculus tomorrow.
    It is time now to start preparing for the end of the quarter. I have posted a Self-evaluation worksheet which I'd like you all to fill out by the end of next week. Please hand this in with your Portfolio on Friday, Dec 8th. Your portfolio should include separate sections with your assignments, tests, worksheets, and presentation feedback forms (if your partner has your forms please indicate who that is in your portfolio) . Inculde the self-evaluation worksheet at the beginning of your portfolio. .
    I have posted the solutions to the Double Integrals Worksheet .
    I have posted an evaluation signup form. Please enter your name in one of the available slots.
    I have posted the linear algebra take home test in the worksheets section of the website. Please return the take-home section by Monday morning.
    I have posted information about the textbooks for Winter quarter. These textbooks will be abailable in the book store, but will be cheaper to buy online. I also have a tentative winter quarter schedule . If you do not intend to continue with all or parts of the program next quarter it would be helpful for me to know that soon.
    I have posted copies of the Differential Equations and Multivariable tests in the worksheets section of the website, in case you want to revisit any of those.
    The Linear Algebra test (in-class and take-home) is in the Worksheets section of the website if you would like a copy to work on.
    I have now uploaded the details of our first week. Please look it over and start reading the appropriate sections of the textbooks. You will also see a number of handouts in the handouts sections. Please read these. We will go over these in more detail on the first day of class, and at that time I will be able to answer any questions that you have.
    The schedule has been updated to show rooms and topics. Please fill out the questionaire before the start of class.
    This site is still under construction. I will be updating it with more information before the start of the program at the end of September. You will find useful links for textbooks, handouts, schedule, and questionaires as that information becomes available. Please check back from time to time.