Integration seminar groups



Becker, Justin

Beamish, Danielle

Anderson, Stacee

Craven, Lia

Cahill, Robert

Bishop, Rachel


Elm, Matthew

Coker, Richard

Clement Jennifer

Hargrave, Eric

Fredrickson, Mikki

Dill, Kacie


Koepp, Jerad

Hanson,  Merrill

Ennett, Jeffrey

Locke, Lauren

Kilner, Joyce

Hull, Chelsea


Norwood, Joyce

Lloyd, Monica

Kamrar, Jennifer


Montange, Leah

Lasso, Richard


Risenhoover, Margaret

Perry, Daniel

McGreevy, Sarah

Robertson, Caitlin

Pokaka’a, Kellee

Ortis, Jana


Shea, William

Preston-Mortinson, Angela

Preston, Robert

Stockmann, Christopher

Schuiling, Heather

Valenzuela, Heather


Vanzant, Seth

Siegel, Zachary

Saunders, Gregory

Wright, Christina

Vandersnick, Leia

Shockman, Katherine




dates for facilitation groups:

Oct. 6; Oct. 13; Oct. 20; Oct 27; Nov. 10; Nov. 17; Dec. 1


As a group, decide who will facilitate for each date and give the faculty your plan. You may adopt a group name. Also decide how to rotate other responsibilities so everyone in the group gets to experience all the roles. Refer to Cohen for descriptions of these roles and guidelines for assuring that your group functions well.