Possible Integration Paper #1 Prompt


Here is a possible prompt for your first integration paper. Use it if you want, or come up with your own (see the complete directions on the handout for Integration Paper #1 handed out last week).


You must integrate/synthesize program materials into a coherent essay. Here is a possible prompt:


Some people would argue that the development of the common school was an attempt to build community with the common school being “the key to creating the good society,” as Joel Spring (2005, p. 73) explains. This belief about the purpose of the public school continues in various forms to this day.

Take this assertion about the common school and state your position as your thesis. Be sure to present historical arguments both for and against the underlying assumptions that were basic to the creation of the common school. Base your response on events that were taking place both outside and inside of schools.

            Please note that the root of community comes from the word common. In your response incorporate a description of your understanding of “community” and, based on all your readings, the challenges and successes to create an American community and a common school system.