Rousseau Assignment:

1. Read the handout called ROUSSEAU KEY IDEAS

2. Read the preface of the Emile

3. Read as much of Book 2 and Book 3 of Emile as you can.

4. Rousseau imagines that he is Emile's tutor in the text and sets about to educate Emile. Each group is to read carefully the paragraphs assigned to the group and create a skit in which Rousseau is "teaching" Emile a lesson based on the material in the paragraphs. Take care that the lesson is taught in a manner that is consistent with Rousseau's ideas about how to teach. Each skit is to be about 10 minutes. Be creative an have fun with this assignment.

5. The class will debrief the skits by trying to answer the question of how the skits reflect Rousseau's philosophy.

6. Gery's Debrief Questions