Dear Cohort,

Our trip to Seattle has as its major objectives to segue into next quarter’s readings and your microteaching to come:


We invite you to search the links below before the trip, as well as to visit the links below for those who like to be oriented before going on a trip:


Note that they have a Museum store for teaching items, etc. in case you find yourself interested up there.


The International District in Seattle is historic and a melting pot of renown:


Free time:

Consider visiting:


For lunch, there is an abundance of good eating places nearby.


On a related topic, another site for resources to incorporate multicultural history, issues of equity, etc. and other components into your plans is the powerful Densho project, located on Jackson and 14 th near the district:


Please come prepared for rain, walking, lunch on you, and exploring. A camera isn’t a bad idea, nor a note pad.

   We have planned to leave from the bus circle BY 8:30; the drivers must go to the van barn which opens at 8 to get the vans, and it takes a few minutes from there to the bus circle.


We’ll go to the Panama hotel on an optional basis (well worth it!), with a cost of $9 (trying to negotiate it to $5), then to the Wing Luke Museum for an orientation of 15minutes, then exploratory, self-guided time in the museum.

Following that, we’ll branch out to venues of interest, including lunch, and then return home.

Traffic depending, we’ll shoot to be home by 4pm.


Let’s have fun learning together!

Masao, Jacque, Gery