Personal Web Page Development


By the end of fall quarter your personal web page will contain at least:

  1. A photograph of you
  2. A second page that has some brief biographical information.
  3. Link to portfolio page
  4. Links to some external sites with annotations
  5. Portolio page contains links to all seminar papers
  6. Portfolio page contains links to integration papers
  7. Portfiolio page contains links to reflections of work and of growth


Doesn’t meet expectations

  1. Is missing one or more of the required features
  2. One or more of the links do not work
  3. Is organized in a way to make it difficult to navigate and find things

Meets Expectations

  1. Has all the required features
  2. All links work
  3. Navigation is clear

Exceeds Expectations

  1. Has numerous pictures
  2. Has many external links to relevant sites
  3. Uses colors and graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the site
  4. Is organized in a way that makes it easy for a user to find things
  5. Uses animated gifs