Autobiographical/Teacher Identity Entry #2

In this assignment you are expected to examine your life experiences and personal/professional understanding of your identity as related to the concepts associated with cultural encapsulation as presented in this program. The immediate purpose of this exploration, like the previous autobiographical/teacher identity entry, is to tie your own personal identity in this realm to the formation of your teacher identity.

Recall and describe experiences during your K-12 years in which ethnocentrism* (see Rogoff, 2003, p. 15) contributed to your perspective. You may want to include beliefs about learning and schooling held by your micro or macro group. If possible, focus especially on experiences at the age level you plan to teach.

Be sure to address each of these questions: In what ways did these experiences shield you from knowing others’ cultures and histories? How have these experiences affected your abilities to see across differences?. How have these experiences affected your identity formation as a teacher?

* Remember, Rogoff is referring to all kinds of cultural communities, not just to traditionally conceived ethnicities or racial communities. These can range from micro (your own home, neighborhood, school) to macro (larger social group, region, nation).