Integration Paper #2
Fall 2006

from the syllabus: Twice during the quarter you will write formal “integration” papers based on your readings, lectures, workshops, and other program experiences.  The purpose of these short papers (approximately 6 pages each) is for you to develop your ability to analyze and synthesize program materials into a coherent formal paper that integrates and makes connections with what you are learning.  For each integration paper, you are to integrate all assigned readings in a way that fleshes out a thesis statement you make that is related to learning, teaching, and/or who is served or hindered by schools.

Focus your integration paper #2 on how you could use these readings to inform your teaching so that you can help all students learn well.

For this first integration paper, at a minimum you are to specifically integrate/synthesize 5 of the 7 following categories of readings into a coherent essay:
readings on Dewey
readings on Vygotsky and Neo-Vygotsky


Inclusion of references to films, lectures, workshops that are relevant to your thesis statement may enhance a paper of this kind. Do not include outside references in this paper.

Refer to Strategies and Format from Integration Paper #1.

For this paper, we will be using the Integration Paper Rubric posted on the web so please refer to it as well as Strategies and Format.