Elaboration on the instructions to evaluate each other's web pages.

1. Find your name at the top of one of the columns on the list of names.

2. Open the web page of the web site you are going to evaluate.

3. Using the the information on that site, fill out an evaluation form for that site.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every name on your list.

5. You may review your input to other students' web sites.

6. You may also review other students' input about your web site.


Note that all this information is going into a data base so you can get it any time you are connected to the web and Evergreen's web sites are available.

Please print out all of the evaluations you have received and all of the evaluations you have given for your portfolio

You may copy and paste the information into documents to reduce the amount of paper it takes.