Ethics and Leadership

Ethics and Leadership, Winter 2007: 4 credits
The Evergreen State College
Graduate Program in Public Administration
Sem II, C3107 - Wednesdays 6-10 pm
CRN: 21097(Grad), 20198 (UG)

Joan Bantz, Faculty - Contact Information
eMail: Phone: 867-5095 Office: Lab 1, 3011

Course Overview

In this MPA elective, students will examine the foundations of ethics, leadership and ethical leadership for public service. Utilizing film, guest speakers and readings of classical and contemporary literature on ethics and leadership, students and faculty will pursue the question of what it means to be a leader (formal and informal), serving the public interest, in a time of ethical challenges and dilemmas.

"those who set themselves up as moral experts are those of whom we need be most suspect."
- H.V.O ’Gwin


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