Introduction to Music Technology, Fall Quarter, 2006-7
Tuesday 6-10 Communications Building 343-344  
Ben Kamen kamenb @ office: Sem II B2124 867-6588

This course will cover the theory, history, and operation of tools used in the creation of electroacoustic music.

We will meet weekly, Tuesday 6-10 in communications building room 343. and students are expected to sign up for and use studio time outside of class time, up to 2 four hour sessions weekly. Students are expected to remain in the course throughout all 3 quarters of the school year.

Lab interns will be available Wednesday afternoons and other scheduled times.

Students must keep a journal of class and studio notes which will be turned in at the end of each quarter. At least one paragraph of written response to each reading assignment from Audio Cultures should be included. Please date and label your entries clearly!

There will be two major composition assignments each quarter along with smaller studio projects along the way.

Credit is roughly 1 credit journal entries, 1 credit studio assignments, 1 credit participation and attendance.

Required Texts: Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music, edited by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner (This should be available from the bookstore) 
  An Introduction to the Creation of Electroacoustic Music, by Samuel Pellman (Buy this book used online, it is much cheaper that way) 
Useful Links:

this class:

assorted audio handouts:

Media Loan Policies:



1/2" Magnetic Tape : about $60 (you can share with a partner),

blank CD's, minidiscs as needed.

Nice organized notebook for journal entries!

You can get tape from Music6000 in town. 
1 - Sept 26

Introductions / Admin stuff

Listening: Music Promenade (1969)- Luc Ferrari

Studio basics.

Portable recording devices / Microphones

Peak I

Studio Proficiencies.

Field Recording

Reading: Pellman, Ch. 1

Audio Cultures: Ch. 6, 22

2 - Oct 3

Listening: Etude Aux Chemins De Fer (1948)- Pierre Schaeffer

Physics of sound

Introduction to Tape Machines.

Bouncing MD to Peak and Tape

Field Recording Assignment II.

Reading: Audio Cultures, Ch. 2, 5, 43

Pellman, Ch. 2

3 - Oct 10

Listening: John Cage, Williams Mix


Tape loops and splicing, tape techniques.

Multitrack tape techniques


Reading Pellman, Ch 4.

Audio Cultures, 7, 8, 19

4 - Oct 17

Listening: I am sitting in a room, Alvin Lucier,

Come out, Steve Reich, interview with Steve Reich

article on 'phasing'

EQ, Mixing, Aux sends

Midterm projects

5 - Oct 24 Midterm Projects Due, Class listening and discussions   
6 - Oct 31

Listening : Wireless Fantasy - Vladimir Ussachevsky

Introduction to Analog Synthesis.

Introduction to the Arp 2600


Pellman, CH. 7 8

Arp Manual, I

Analog Synth Patches I

7 - Nov 7

Listening, Pauline Oliveros

More Arp 2600.


Pellman Ch. 8

Arp Manual, II

Audio Cultures, ch. 17,

Analog Synths Patches II

8 - Nov 14

Listening : Peter B.

Performing with electronic instruments.

9 - Nov 28

Analog Synth Performances I, discussions

10 - Dec 5 Analog Synth Performances II, discussions