Physical Systems, Winter-Spring 2007



General INFORMATION: Our first winter meeting will be EARLY, on Friday 5 January 2007. Meet at 1:00 in 2242 Lab 2 to discuss logistics. We are all going to the American Astronomical Society/American Association of Physics Teachers (AAS/AAPT) Meeting in Seattle from Sat.6.Jan. to Wed.10.Jan. You will have already paid for it when you register for this program, and we will help you get registered and ready for the meeting. We have already arranged for your transportation and housing. This will be a fun meeting with lots to learn, starting with a special undergraduate orientation that we will all attend together Saturday at 6 pm, just before the main reception at 7 pm. The AAS/AAPT sessions start bright and early Sunday morning.

In Spring, students will present your research at the American Physical Society NW section meeting, 17-19 May at Idaho State University. Be sure to register, submit your abstract, and apply for travel grants early in April.

Catalog description: (advanced physics, mathematics, and research)

Final program descriptions for: Winter Physical Systems, Winter Science Seminar, Winter-Spring Physical Systems, Spring Science Seminar

SPRING SCHEDULE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Weekend
all classes in
2242 Lab 2
1:00-2:45 Seminar on The View from the Center of the Universe: Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos by Primack & Abrams 1:00-3:00 Quantum Mechanics (Shankar)
& HW
1:00-3:00 Electromagnetism (Griffiths)
& HW

3:00 student presentations and research planning
4:00 HW Q&A

3:15-5:15 Electromagnetism (Griffiths) 3:15-5:15 Quantum Mechanics (Shankar)


Physics textbooks: Some of these texts may be available in the Bookstore. Your safest bet is to order your texts online ASAP. Get the most recent edition. Sources for texts: Powell's books,,,



  • Div, Grad, and Curl, by H.M. Schey, pub Norton, ISBN 0393925161 (this expands on the vector calculus in Ch.1 of Electrodynamics)
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, by David J. Griffiths, pub Printice Hall, ISBN 0131118927 (we will supplement the QM chapters of Tipler with some material from this more advanced text by Griffiths, in class)


Winter SCHEDULE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Weekend
all classes in
2242 Lab 2
1:00-2:30 Book Seminar
on Women in Physics
1:00-3:00 Vector Calculus
& HW
1:00-2:30 Journal Seminar
on Modern Physics
& HW

2:45-5:00 student presentations &
research planning

3:00-5:30 Electromagnetism 2:45-5:30 Modern and Quantum


Winter Science Seminar texts:

Monday book seminar on Women in Science
Thursday journal seminar on Modern Physics

Out of the Shadows: Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women to Physics," ed. Nina Byers and Gary Williams

Women in Mathematics, by Lynn M. Osen


Physics Today and Science News magazines

Subscribe at the links to get a hardcopy or access to articles online. Low-cost student memberships to the American Physical Society include a free Physics Today subscription.



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