Developing Artist Statements

A good Artist Statement supplements the visual information in a portfolio or an exhibition so that the reader/viewer can better understand it. As an educational tool, it should describe:

Too often, artist statements are written from a defensive point of view, as if the artist is envisioning a hostile reader. Compose your statement with a sympathetic friend in mind, one who is genuinely interested in your work and wants to know the answers to questions that may come up when viewing it. To get started with the writing of a statement, begin by describing one or two recent works. What do you want the reader to know?

Some doís and doníts

Your statement should stand on its own, so that the reader can imagine what your work looks like- even if they havenít seen it. Many artists include a small photo of themselves at work, to give the reader a human being to put behind the words/works, which is clever by not necessary by any means. The bottom line of the artist statement is to make the reader want to see your work after reading the statement. DONíT PANIC!!! If writing is tortureÖ GET SOME HELP.

Some Helpful Links:

Artist Statement materials adapted from Full-Time Artist Program from the New York Foundations for the Arts