Science in Sports

Fall 06 & Winter 07

Allen Mauney-------------------- Cindy Beck,ND --------------------

Class Meets: Monday & Wednesday evenings – 6 – 10 pm


Required Texts :

Biomechanics of Sport & Exercise 2nd ed. Peter McGinnis. 2005

isbn 0-7360-5101-5

A basic calculator will also be required.


Course Description:

Every athlete, whether the driven professional or the casual amateur, has to follow the same rules of the game and the same principles of fitness to compete successfully. But they also have to deal with exactly the same laws of physics that dictate how their bodies will move and how they can make baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks, etc. do their bidding. The Science of Sport is a two-quarter program covering the integration of physics and biomechanics in sport and exercise.

Studies will cover the basic human musculoskeletal system, how internal forces cause various motions in the body and how moving bodies interact with the external world. Material will be covered through lecture, discussion, seminar, with emphasis on labs and hands-on workshops. The class content will cover the physics of motion, momentum & energy, physiological and genetic factors relating to sport, as well as training techniques and nutritional guidelines for athletes.

In modern American professional sports, nearly every aspect of athletic performance is evaluated quantitatively and assessed statistically. Numerous books and endless discussion is devoted to deciding, based on some statistical measure, whether one player is better than another witness the Barry Bonds phenomenon right now. We will take this opportunity to learn some basic statistics and apply that knowledge to the playing field and beyond.



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