Program Covenant


Evergreenís non-traditional and highly successfully approach to education requires students to do much more than get to class, sit down, shut up, take notes and leave. Collaborative learning at Evergreen requires that people face each other directly, challenge each other and allow themselves to be challenged. This is fertile ground for both rich leaning and for unproductive chaos. Hence, students and faculty agree to:


1.      Read and abide by the principles of the Social Contract and the Sexual Harassment Policy which can be found at and respectively.

2.      Aim high, set personal standards that stretch their intellectual, physical and expressive potential and be willing to admit ignorance, to experience discomfort, and to make honest mistakes.

3.      Attempt to resolve conflict and grievances fully and promptly, first on an individual basis, then by seeking assistance from others if issues remain unresolved.

4.      Treat this program as a part-time job based on the rough idea that a 16-credit program would be a full-time, 40 hour per week job.

5.      Maintain a sense of balance concerning the workloads and pace of teaching and learning and the other goals and demands of our lives.


Students agree to:

1.      Read and abide by the Academic Rules and Regulations, found at

2.      Notify faculty and group members if they are unable to attend due to illness or emergency.

3.      Take initiative in seeking help from faculty whenever significant difficulty exists with the pace or content of the program.

4.      Complete all program requirements and meet all expectations described in the syllabus. This includes writing a self-evaluation and an evaluation of the faculty. Credit will be withheld until both are completed.


Faculty agree to:

1.      Facilitate the learning of students by collecting and presenting information, designing and conducting activities, and providing prompt feedback for students.

2.      Be available for students during office hours and by appointment.

3.      Be available during evaluation week for conferences with each student and write timely evaluations of each student.




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