Student Originated Studies: Media

About SOS Media: 

Student Originated Studies: Media offers advanced media students the opportunity to design their own curriculum in media production, design, writing, history or theory and to develop a learning community with others who share artistic and academic goals that may have grown out of previous projects and programs. It accommodates small groups of students dedicated to producing a single collaborative work, as well as those developing individual projects. Students are expected to assist each other with productions and to participate actively in regular work-in-progress critiques. This is not the place to do beginning media studies or production.

a frame from an animation in progress by faculty Ruth HayesStudents will work with faculty during the first weeks of fall quarter to design collaborative or individual projects by researching and writing treatments, abstracts and/or other supplementary documents. Students and faculty will also collaborate to develop other program activities that will support pre-production and production work throughout the year. These may include readings, screenings, discussions, presentations and workshops to strengthen conceptual and production skills. In addition to the student-centered curriculum, we will explore different themes each quarter. In fall, our focus will be building media communities. The theme for winter will be sustaining creative processes. In spring, we will focus on issues and practices of exhibition and distribution and on creating contexts for yourself and your work beyond Evergreen.

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