Stress and Resilience ~ People and Places

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 Karen Hogan (email)
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C-1105 Seminar II Wednesdays 6 pm - 9:50 pm Saturdays 9 am - 5 pm 30 Sept, 14 & 28 Oct, 11 Nov, 2 Dec








This schedule is tentative and subject to change, and always will be. We prefer to maintain some flexibility in order to respond to the direction of the program and the interests of the group. Check regularly for updates - we will assume that you've seen them.

Read - you should have read the assignment by the date for which it is listed.
Activity - things that we will do in class that day. Come prepared.
Seminar - we will discuss the reading that day. Post your seminar paper to Moodle 24 hours before class.
Due indicates assignments to be turned in that day.

1: Wednesday 27 September

Activity Introductions
•Syllabus Memory-archiving
•Covenant – handout
•Content: Hevolution and plant adaptations – Karen
•Questions applied in many situations – Helena

Saturday 30 September

Adaptation -- Ourselves and Plants
Activity Field workshop on stress and resilience in plants, populations, and communities 11-12, 1—3
Activity Disaster prediction and response --The Lessons of Valujet 592 – with Wildavsky 3.45 – 5.30
Activity Group issues camping together -- evening fun – darkness walk, trust game, grading game
• covenant signing

Sunday 1 October

Adaptation – disasters in
Read Science Magazine handout on disasters

2: Wednesday 4 October

Diversity of organisms
•Project Outline and Timeline
Activity Education Project Intro Schools and Resilience
Read What makes a good school? Size, natural light, Miracle in East Harlem
(Mathews1994.pdf HMK computer) Catholic Schools (HMK pdf)
Read Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers (Seminar)
• Project Outline and Timeline
• Education
How to Read Story of Life Karen

3: Wednesday 11 October

Basic Ecology -- evolution
Activity multi-generation workshop
Read Story of Life selections (Seminar)
• Hood Canal

Saturday 14 October

Activity New Orleans Students report
Activity Journalism and Sensation
Read Control of Nature (‘Atchafalaya’) and Acts of God I (Seminar)
• Katrina

4: Wednesday 18 October

Housing, Floods and the 9th Ward
• Activity: Carri Jacobs on housing
Activity: the 9th Ward
Read Acts of God II selections (Seminar)

5: Wednesday 25 October

Globalization, disaster response, war 
Activity: Plant physiological ecology and vegetation succession (Karen)
Activity: Peacekeepers
Read Beyond Jihad vs. McWorld (Seminar)

Saturday 28 October

Development, acclimation and plasticity, Health
Activity UN Millenium Development Project, Ashoka
Activity Biological consequences of climate change (Karen)
Activity — acclimation and plasticity
Read The After Death Room (Seminar)

6: Wednesday 1 November

Climate Change and local weather crises
Read Guns/Germs — intro pages (Seminar)
Read Politicians Attack, But Evidence for Global Warming Doesn't Wilt

7: Wednesday 8 November

Monitoring and Risk
Activity presentation: sex offender tracking — DVD
Activity workshop GIS, Sampling and the Census bio-monitoring our own group
Research Paper due

Saturday 11 November

War and Peace
Activity Memory, Reconciliation and Reconstruction (Helena)
Activity Genetics/brain biochemistry (Karen)
• Veterans day events
Read Pattern Language, Dangerous Peace-making (Seminar)
• Research Methods reports from Projects

8: Wednesday 15 November

Do you want to have class on this date? Let me know.

9: Wednesday 29 November

Authority and Ethics
Activity Who is in charge? Government, Brain, Hara, Heart, Gaia, Creator
Read American Ground (Seminar)

Saturday 2 December
Activity Project Findings
Read Acts of God part three (Seminar)
Activity Thinking about Prediction/ Chaos, Newton, Nature/nurture
Activity Presentations on Hood Canal, Katrina, Education, Health and War/Peace

10: Wednesday 6 December

Final Exam
Activity Understanding our own reactions to stress, and finding resilience