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Program description

What is a species? Species are the fundamental unit of ecology, yet biologists have never agreed on a single definition. We will explore both the theory of species concepts and the practice of identifying species of vertebrates and insects. Readings and lectures will cover introductory concepts in genetics and development, taxonomy and systematics, and the evolutionary biology of diversity.

To identify species is to make decisions about patterns of variation, so workshops will emphasize the scientific process, basic descriptive statistics, and probability. On-campus field work continue a long-term project to assess and monitor the diversity of ground beetles on the Evergreen campus. A 5-day field trip to eastern Washington will emphasize field natural history.

Texts and other required purchases for this program will include:

Faculty Name Phone Email Location Office Hours Webpages
Heather Heying 867-5535 Lab 1, room 3049 Wed 9 - 10 am Teaching
Jack Longino 867-6511 Lab 1, room 3056A Tues 12 - 1 pm Professional

Core Connector Phone Email Location Office Hours Website
Teresa Woods-Santoso 867-6312 Library 2153 By appt, or drop-in M-F 1-4 Academic Advising

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