Evolution in America

Announcements (Updated 3/13):

Here is the End of Quarter Questionnaire!

Exam study guide!

Here is the optional paper on the evolution of morality for Tuesday.

Here is the Wedge Document leaked from the Discovery Institute. And here is their eventual reply. The reply includes the "full text" of the Wedge Document but the absence of the graphics searves to obscure the deeper message. The Discovery Institute's apparent moderation is the "thin end of the wedge" by their own accounting. They want Inteligent design to replace Darwinism as the dominant theory in science within 20 years. That's not exactly a moderate possition. Also beware the deceptive claim that that Wedge Document is just a "fundraising proposal." That claim may or may not be true in some technical sense, but the document itself is quite clearly a secret strategic plan, whatever other purposes it may have searved. See for yourself.

It is also worth comparing The Wedge Document with this strategic plan leaked from the Petrolium Institute for whom uncertaintity (of the sort that now characterises the public debate over global warming) is victory. In other words, the petrolium industry has already achieved victory in the climate change debate by the industry's own metric.

Here is the Prospectus I and II assignment.

The article by Alexander for this week is here. It is a large file so give it a chance to download.

Previous articles are here and here. Read Gould before Queller or it won't make sense.

Some excellent electronic resources:

The CIA World Factbook

U.S. Census (Washington State Fast Facts, facts by county)

Slate Magazine

The New York Times        (NYT Zeitgeist)

The Guardian (U.K.)


BBC News (U.K.)

PBS News hour

The Washington Post       (WP Zeitgeist)


Downloads and Links:

Climate Hot Map

Directions to UOW main library.


Telomere.net and Telomere.org

The Declaration of Independance and Constitution of the U.S.

The Tragedy of the Commons

Here's the leaked Pentagon memo on global warming.

For the petrolium industry, uncertainty is victory.

Bill Moyers recent speech.


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