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Evolving Communication: Winter 2008

Please send your self evaluation to Heather or Susan via email attachment at least 2 days prior to your evaluation conference.  It does not need to be on the form.  After discussing your self evaluation, you may put it on the form and submit it to Registration for inclusion in your official transcript, but this is optional.
At your evaluation conference, you should bring your faculty evaluations of both Heather and Susan.  These should be typed and signed, and using the form looks very nice, but is not required.  If you prefer not to submit these evaluations at your conference, you may give them to the program secretary in Sem 2, A2117.  She will hold these until she receives our evaluations of you.  This is common practice across the campus.

Weeks 9 & 10 have changed slightly. Please look at the attached syllabus in the form of an Excel file for those week below!


Thursday, March 6 Synthesis Discussion Assignment: Create one question and answer it in a brief essay as usual. Bring this work, typed, to class as you will hand it in.  The question can be of two types:  1) a question you have posed before but you are not yet satisfied with your answer; or 2) a big question you had when you first took this program or that you have developed over the past two quarters.



We  have new links for you to enjoy when your work is done. Check the Resources Page.


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