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Brief Syllabus

Monday amMonday pmWednesdayThursday amThursday pm       12 - 2Thursday pm  2 - 4
Introduction and logistics. Background on bio research.Susan: Discourse, an overviewHEH lecture: social groupsPeer review of proposalsResearch project discussions with faculty
SeminarSusan: Metaphors & AdsBio workshop. Then Randlette sound lecture9 - 12 & 1 - 4: Half class for each 3-hour slot: Workshop on mikes, flash recorders. Field work --> return for downloading sound
No Class: MLK DaySound lab (in CAL)Synthesis discussionSusan: Nonverbal Com.Peer & faculty review of annotated bibliographies
SeminarSusan: Discourse structure I8:30 - 4:30: Field trip: Woodland Park ZooNo class: work on research projects ("field work")
SeminarSusan: Discourse structure IIHEH lecture: interspecific communicationSynthesis discussionSpeaker or filmPeer review, depending on type of project
SeminarSusan: Discourse & Prior TextsHEH lecture: interspecific communicationNo class: work on research projects ("field work")
No Class: Presidents' DayHEH lecture: Evolution of cooperation / game theorySynthesis discussionSusan: Discourse & MediumPeer review, depending on type of project
SeminarSusan: Speech ActsHEH lecture: deceit and self-deceptionNo class: work on research projects ("field work")
SeminarDiscourse finalHEH lecture: MantellaSynthesis discussionSpeaker or filmFinal peer review; papers due tomorrow
SeminarResearch project talksResearch project talks (Sem 2 C1105)Research project talksEvening potluck
EVALUATION WEEK (do not plan your Spring break until your eval conference is scheduled)     
Meeting times and places
Monday am9 -11Sem 2 A2109 & A2105
Monday pm12:30 - 3:00Sem 2 B1107
Wednesday9 - 12Sem 2 B1105
Thursday am9 - 11Sem 2 B3107 & 3105
Thursday pm12 - 2Sem 2 B1105
Thursday pm2 - 4Sem 2 B3107 & 3105

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