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HOLLYWOOD will study and critique the 20 th century Dream Factory.     We will examine the studio system, the star system and the films that they produced. We will take a thematic approach to our study of the culture, politics and history of Hollywood.   A main feature of our PROGRAM is the examination of the politics of representation.   Our themes include: myth, genre, dreams, power, fame, masquerade, fear, sex, and corruption.   Each week we will screen three films connected by the theme, hear a lecture, have two seminars (one will be student facilitated), and do additional group work.   For example, in Week 4 we will examine Power , screening and studying Citizen Kane, The Last Mogul and The Bad and the Beautiful .   

At the close of the quarter we will host an in-class conference about HOLLYWOOD that will feature group reports with multi-media presentations that explore a significant Hollywood topic in more depth.   In addition program assignments will include a five minute oral report, the collaboration on a film study guide, seminar facilitation, weekly synthesis essays posted on each student's weblog, and preparation/research for the final presentation.   Students will also attend workshops on blogging, Wiki site preparation, multimedia design, and basic digital editing.

First Class meeting: Wednesday, April 2 at 9:00 AM Sem. 2 C1105