Congratulations on Completing the Light Program!

Submitted by bopegedd on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 2:59pm.

We have enjoyed exploring the topic of light with you this quarter! 

 Finishing Paperwork:  The Evaluation Conference Schedules are attached below . Remember that you must print out your finished self-evaluation, sign two copies, have the faculty sign them, then walk them to the Registrar's Office (3rd floor, Sem I).  (Susan' mistake: they aren't submitted electronically yet.)   Also remember that you must turn in to us two separate Faculty Evaluations.  These can be submitted by bringing them to your conference, or by giving them to Pam Udovich (program secretary, Lab I 1020), or by leaving them in our faculty mailboxes on the first floor of Lab I.   The last essays, presentation comments and any straggling work can be picked up at the faculty's office with whom you have your conference next week.  

Return Key Cards:  Turn in your key card at Key Issues (first floor, Lab II by the end of next week to avoid a charge.  They will no longer work on the door after this quarter.

Studio Clean-Out:   Be sure to remove all of your artwork and supplies from the studio no later than Friday of evaluation week.  Anything left in the studio will be tossed after that time. 

More information about programs for next quarter:  The "Making Space and Using It" program, listed as "sophomore and above," will accept freshmen students for winter.  It will also have a staffing change and will be taught by Lara Evans (art history and painting) and (if there are enough students) Erica Lord (photography, installations).  Erica taught the SOS group in fall, our studio neighbors.  Both are excellent faculty.  The program is an opportunity to explore contemporary installation work and performance art.  Though the program description notes an emphasis on feminist, Native American, Latino, and queer art, don't let that deter you if you are a white male. It is an opportunity to learn about contemporary installation work, which is some of the most interesting and provocative art being made today, and to make some yourself!  Contact Lara Evans and check it out.

Presentation Photos:  Our apologies that we didn't get everyone photographed during presentations, but some images taken by our capable photographer Stefanie are posted in the ASL folder on MASU (handouts/Light photos).  If we missed you, send us a photo of yourself and your work and we'll post it. 

Happy Holidays!  Have a great winter break and a great winter quarter!

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Submitted by bopegedd on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 2:59pm.
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