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Spring syllabus

Spring syllabus below.  Please read schedule and expectations for each subject area.  The current time-table for independent study groups, and study group assignments are as follows:

Group 1, Tuesdays 1:15-2:15: Applied Mathematics (Mikkel, Matt F, Drew)

Group 2, Tuesdays 2-3: Proofs (Carl, Sumner, Sophie)

Group 3, Tuesdays 2:15-3: Complex Analysis (Matt F, Gabrielle, Malcolm, Drew)

Group 4, Tuesdays 3-4: Sets and History of Math (Ryan, Ari, Annie, Matt G, Sophie, Malcolm)

Group 5, Fridays 3-4: Ordinary Differential Equations (Paul B, Mikkel, Gabrielle, Drew, Ari, Carl)

Group 6, Tuesdays 3-4: Algebra (C, Sumner)

Weeks 9-10 Schedule of Exams and Presentations: See link below to the schedule.

Note: ALL students doing independent study are expected to come to all presentations, even if you are not doing a presentation yourself.  Let me know right away of any scheduling conflicts.  Any other Math Systems students are also welcome at the presentations.

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