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Book List

We will read the following seminar books in this order:

1. Handouts: McKim and Weintraub

2. Ecovention - Sue Spaid

3. The Final Forest - William Dietrich


4. Scientific Articles on Moss -- will be posted on Drouple.


5. The Age of Missing Information - Bill Kibben


6. Selections from Changing Minds , article on Social Entrepreneurship, article on promoting conservation through the arts. -- will be posted on Drouple.


7. Last Child in the Woods - Richard Louv


8. Readings on Climate Change -- will be posted on Drouple.


9. Diamond, Collapse


We will use the following texts on a weekly basis:

The Rain Forests of Home - Edited by Peter Schoonmaker, Bettina von Hagen and Edward C. Wolf

Plants of the Pacific Northwest Pojar and McKinnon or Plants and Animals of the Pacific Northwest  by Eugene Kozloff



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