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Created 2007-01-02 14:40

Required Texts:


Barbara Guest, Forces Of Imagination, Kelsey St. Press (week 1)

Ann Lauterbach, If In Time: Selected Poems, Penguin  (week 1)

Ezra Pound, The ABC Of Reading, New Directions  (week 2)

Rodrigo Toscano, To Leveling Swerve, Krupaskaya  (week 2)

John Ashbery, Notes From The Air, Ecco Press

Hart Crane, The Bridge, Liveright Publishing Corporation

Ann Waldman, Iovis: All Is Full of Jove, Coffee House Press


Photocopy: Sontag, Waldman, Guest texts



Recommended Texts:


David Lehman, The Last Avant Garde, Doubleday 

Hoover, Paul: Fables Of Representation, University of Michigan Press

Frank O’Hara, The Selected Poems of Frank O’Hara, University of California Press

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