The Splinter Factory Jeffery McDaniel--Camila Martin


Jeffery’s McDaniel’s book, The Splinter Factory is a great read and shows an intriguing style of poetry. His way with words makes one want him to keep writing so that we as an audience can keep reading. His mix of humor and intimacy combine together in both silly and serious poems. Reading his poetry makes one smile at his lines that reach deep into our personalities.

            His poem “The Jeffery McDaniel Show” is one of the funnier ones where he describes a jeopardy scene where all the contestants are his ex-girlfriends being asked questions about him. On the other hand, his poem, “What year was heaven desegregated?” is about his eight-year-old cousin asking questions about race.

            The Splinter Factory is a great mix of moods brought out in poetry and overall an excellent book.

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