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World of Books
Using contemporary Middle East literature as a framework, we will examine topics applicable to world literature in general. Specifically, we will explore:
• How to read literature of a culture other than one’s own
• “Insider” vs. “outsider” interpretations of culture
• Issues of (mis)translation and (in)accessibility
• Politics of selecting Nobel Prize winning authors
• Dominant themes of Middle East literature, such as political and cultural dissent, globalization, and class, gender and religious identities.

This mostly online class will meet twice: 1) week one for orientation, seminar and workshop on how to use the online program for the course, and 2) evaluation week for student presentations and to debrief course content, structure and the community online learning experience. The evaluation week class session is in lieu of final conferences. Attendance at the first and last class sessions are required. The rest of the course will be conducted interactively online with faculty and students working in small groups. Students are also encouraged to meet every week or two in person for student-facilitated seminars. This course meets the world literature endorsement requirement for Evergreen's Master in Teaching program.

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