Spring Handouts
Week Date handed out Title & subject (download pdfs here)
earlier Friday, March 21 H1-Instructions for good research proposals

Winter Handouts
Week Date handed out Title & subject (download pdfs here)
earlier Mon, December 1 H1-Dichotomies for Debate
1 Mon, January 5, am H2-Brief syllabus      H3-Detailed syllabus
Mon, January 5, pm H4-Notes for lecture 1
Wed, January 7, am H5-Panama preparations #2
Thurs, January 8, am H5'-Take-home exam 1
Technically, I handed this out last November. No new hard copies this quarter.
Not handed out Readings on Panama history from Moon Guide to Panama (big pdf file-almost 7 mb)
2 Tues, January 13, am H6-Notes for lecture 2 and fish strategies workshop
3 Thurs, January 22, am H7-Periodic table of niches workshop
H8-Take-home exam 2 AND Ross et al 2007 (paper on which question 1 is based)
H9-Panama expectations
4 Readings Norton 1988 (Commodity, Amenity and Morality: The limits of quantification in evaluating biodiversity). Read for class on Tuesday, January 27
Tues, Jan 27 H10-Notes for lecture 3      H11-Assessing value workshop
Readings Kremen et al 1999. Supplemental reading for "Setting Priorities and Creating Protected Areas" assignment, to be done during week 5.
Readings 1491 (Mann 2002). Read during week 5.
6 Field Exercise #1 Ant food preference: carbs vs. protein
Field Exercise #2 Anole territoriality
Field Exercise #3 Final field lab: a smorgasbord of choices

Fall Handouts
Week Date handed out Title & subject
1 Mon, Sept 29, am H1-Fall quarter overview      H2-Brief syllabus      H3-Expanded syllabus
H4-Readings      H5-Covenant
Mon, Sept 29, pm L6-Things you should know      L7-Notes for lecture 1      L8-Doing research
Field Trip Waivers for Fall quarter
Tues, Sept 30 H9-Zoo trip
Thurs, Oct 2, am H10-Vocabulary for lectures 1, 2, & 4
Thurs, Oct 2, pm H11-Sun Lakes field trip prep
2 Tues, Oct 7 H12-20 Questions      H13-Methodology lecture notes
Wed, Oct 8 H14-Observational Sampling
Thurs, Oct 9 H15-Research Proposals
3 Mon, Oct 13 H16-Statistics workshop 1
Tues, Oct 14 H17-Animal presentations      H18-Peer review of research proposals
Thurs, Oct 16 H19-Study Questions set 1
4 Mon, Oct 20 H20-Statistics workshop 2
Tues, Oct 21 H21-Kin selection and evolution of sex lecture notes
Thurs, Oct 23 H23-Take home exam 1 (word file)      Richardson et al 2003 (warbler article)
H24-Brooks Memorial field trip prep
5 Wed, Oct 29 H25-Study Questions set 2 (due November 3)
6 Tues, Nov 4 H27-Peer review of Introductions (due November 6)
Thurs, Nov 6 H26-Statistics workshop 3
7 Mon, Nov 10 H28-Statistics worshop 4 (revised Nov 11)
Tues, Nov 11 H22-Competition lecture notes
Thurs, Nov 13 H29-Sexual selection lecture notes
H30-Take-home Exam 2, and Study Questions set 3
8 Mon, Nov 17 H31-Statistics workshop 5
Tues, Nov 18 H32-Mating systems lecture notes      H33-Methods and abstracts peer review
Thurs, Nov 20, am H34-Statistics workshop 6      H36-Study questions set 4
Thurs, Nov 20, pm H35-Panama Info and study abroad covenant
9 Mon, Nov 24 H37-Stats workshop 7
H38-Take-home exam 3     Zanette et al 2005
Tues, Nov 25 H39-Territoriality lecture notes
H40-Giving a talk      H41-Portfolio checklist and Fall-08 program description
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