Weekly Readings and Assignments

You should have posted your passage from The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven online on Moodle (click on "Student Work" link on right). This week, you should bring a copy of your reading of a passage from Native Seattle to Tuesday pre-seminar (where you get into small groups to discuss your passages and pick one to present to afternoon seminar) and afternoon seminar. Based on these discussions, you post your reading of a passage (with any revisions) online sometime Thursday, October 9, and respond to at least 3 other students by Sunday, October 12.

Your short essay is due on Friday afternoon at 12:30 - please bring 5 copies of your essay to class. If you did not receive the question, please ask the faculty for it as soon as possible.

Looking ahead to next week, you are bringing a reading of a passage of Organic Machine to the field trip on Monday morning, October 13.