Reading for week 5: Click on for reading assignment

For week 5, you will be reading sections of DeFrees, Blue Dusk and Kizer, Cool, Calm and Collected. Students should select a poem that they want to read and present out loud to the seminar. For your typed reading(s) paper, you should prepare a reading of a poem and be ready to particpate/lead the discussion of that poem. Papers should be titled with the title of the poem you have picked, for example: DeFrees, "Going Back to the Convent." You should also be prepared to discuss in-depth at least one other poem from the other author (if you write on DeFrees you should also be able to discuss a poem from Kizer, and vice versa).

DeFrees: pgs. 5,6,8,19,28,55,74,96,101,105,107,113,116,118,130,159,165,170

Kizer: 6,10,61,64,68,69,74,88,164,171,176,178,199,239,297