Some Things to Note for Week 6

Remember to give your seminar leader a 1 p. statement on Tuesday, laying out your current idea for the major winter-spring project. It can be broad or specific, depending on your thinking at this point...

In your statement, be sure to note the location (town, state, or nation) you have in mind. If you're considering an internship or community service in conjunction with the project, describe the kind of organization (or the particular one, if you already know). Include why the project intrigues you. If you have a second, competing idea, take extra space to describe it, as well. Remember that these choices are not at all binding, now: they are starting points.

If anyone is interested in a sustainable agriculture internship in Costa Rica or El Salvador, there's an information session Wed, Nov 5, in LH 1 by represetatives of the Community Agroecology Network. Fair Trade Coffee is one prominent activity.

As noted in class on Friday, we've reduced the assigned reading in Up in the Old Hotel, making optional the chapters that begin on these pages: 106, 145, 164, 243, and 253. It's all good, but we want to be sure that you have time to study Joseph Mitchell's method for documenting and writing about individuals' lives, rather than be caught up by having to get through a great deal of reading. 

Also: Look under Student Work, 6th week, for two terrific poems by Tess Gallagher.