E-mail from an American Places Alum

Thought you might enjoy this letter that we received over the break from Steve Damewood, a student who was in the previous rendition of American Places (2004-5):


I just stumbled on the American Places listing for
Winter quarter and I am greatly pleased that this program is

I have recounted many aspects of my experience with you and
the previous class members to dozens of people in the interim and the response
is nearly always disbelief followed by awe and envy. I often find my mind
wandering back to the places we went in body and in spirit during the program
and I find myself rehashing many of the events that happened to me and many more
that I just read about. I am convinced that my life was changed and I find that
the experience is with me always.

As a matter of fact, Marty Robbins' "El
Paso" CD is still on my computer desk. When I slip it into the iMac, Marty rings
out loud and clear. But before he can even get around to the gunfight, I am
overcome by the smothering nature of that dungeon under the library where we
struggled with Matt's "space to place" selection, amongst other

Keep up the good work. Say "Hi" to Kristina and

Happy holidays,



When I replied, Steve added, "I'm open to questions from students, as well. I remember feeling overwhelmed by my impending project at this stage, so I'm happy to help out." You can seek counselling and reassurance from Steve at sdamewood@lcc.ctc.edu.