Hear David Bacon Speak on Immigration from Immigrants' Perspectives, Thurs, 1/29, 1:30-3, Sem2 B1105

David Bacon does excellent documentary and activist work. Here is the announcement from Nina Triffleman at the Labor Center:

David Bacon, award-winning
photojournalist, will be speaking in the Political Economy of the Media class...He has
spent 30 years as a labor organizer and immigrant rights activist. His articles
appear in The Nation, American Prospect, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Bacon hosts a
weekly radio show on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California. His new book is entitled,
ILLEGAL PEOPLE: How Globalization Creates Migration
and Criminalizes Immigrants.”

David examines immigration from the
perspective of those whose lives are most affected—sometimes devastated—when
Congress passes a trade bill or votes on immigration reform legislation.
Combining history and political analysis with interviews and personal stories
documented over many years, he exposes the fundamental conflict, played out in
the United States as well as many other industrialized countries, between
efforts to end the wave of undocumented immigrants and attempts to deliver those
same immigrants to industry as an inexpensive, contracted workforce.  “All over
the world huge streams of migrants are fleeing war, repression, and poverty,
journeying from developing countries to the industrial ones of the so-called
global north,” he writes. “At the same time, the industrial economies have
become dependent on the work of migrants, who form a subclass of people working
in jobs with the lowest wages, least security, and most dangerous conditions.”

Sponsored by the program, Political
Economy of the Media, the Labor Education and Research Center, and the Center
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